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Horse rescue in Valley Center to close amid controversy

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SAN DIEGO-- An embattled horse rescue operation in Valley Center, the subject of relentless Internet attacks the past year about its fundraising tactics and treatment of horses, is shutting down.  "I’ve been threatened to have my brains blown out  - they’ve threatened to burn down our ranch."
Michelle Cochran, owner of HiCaliber Horse Rescue, posted on Facebook Saturday she has decided to cease rescuing horses and will be adopting out the more than 100 animals still on her ranch, San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

"It started with cruelty allegations, but we were cleared by that. " SaidCochran, " we’ve had a humane officer on our board for a couple of years."

She said the attacks on her character and the rescue’s credibility have made it impossible to raise the kind of money needed to continue operations, even though the state’s Attorney General’s Office cleared the rescue to start fundraising again earlier this month following a suspension because of tax paperwork issues.

"The Attorney General halted our fundraising because I failed to follow file a form, it had nothing to do with allegations or an investigation."

She also said she fears for her life because she has received numerous death threats.

"I still have my supporters, my village, but they're tired of being harassed as well. So we're going to do this more privately, so we can get back to the focus of the horses and not this high school game of rescue."  For more information visit or


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