2018 could be San Diego’s driest year ever

SAN DIEGO– San Diego has been exceptionally dry this year. Storm after storm has avoided or barely brushed the region.

Will this go down as the driest year in city history?

It’s a real possibility, although a bit of a longshot. The city has been this dry so late in the season only one other time since 1850, when rainfall records began in town, San Diego Union-Tribune reports. 

The odds of breaking the dryness record are long, because there are still more than five months left in the season. But stranger things have happened.

The vast majority of the years, by this time, San Diego has already blown way past 3.33 inches of rain, the total in 2001-02, the record dry year. Average rainfall through April 30 is 9.95 inches; average for the entire rainfall year, which ends Sept. 30, is 10.34 inches.

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