Lincoln High graduate hopeful ahead of NFL Draft

SAN DIEGO -- One week from Thursday, the NFL Draft comes to FOX 5 and football players will anxiously wait for their names to be called.

Lincoln High School graduate Tyree Robinson has high hopes that someone will pick him and that he will achieve a lifelong dream.

Robinson grew up in southeast San Diego and after graduating from Lincoln, he went to the University of Oregon where he started for three years as safety for the Ducks football team.

"Being in college, you just had to focus on what you wanted to do and what you love and for me, I love the game of football," said Robinson."I just challenged myself on the field and off the field and it made me become a better person and grow up."

Robinson briefly shared that experience with his twin brother Tyrell and long-time childhood friend and Horizon grad, Darren Carrington II.

"I was always at my private school just trying to live up to their legacy from a different level and when we were finally able to join forces and go to Oregon, it was great," said Carrington. "We always called ourselves the "Daygo Trio' from a young age because we were doing all the sports."

Now that the combine is over, the attention shifts to the NFL Draft. Tyree says he spends anywhere from 10-12 hours a week training in the gym, hoping it will all pay off, to play at the next level.

"Just learning how the body works and just taking care of your body, eating the right way and dedicating myself every single day and not taking days off," said Robinson. "Because I mean if you want something, you're going to have to outwork people to get it."

"He never missed a day, never missed a massage, never missed a meal and you stack all those things on top of each other and you get success," said Les Spellman, the owner of Maxim Athletic.

At six-foot-four, 203 pounds Tyree says he's spoken with at least eight NFL teams and projects he'll be drafted anywhere from the fourth to seventh round.

"Oh that would be the icing on the cake," said Robinson. "I'd be at a loss for words. It would change my family's life and that's just what it's all about is putting in the hard work to live a better life and not struggle anymore."

While the "Daygo Trio" may now be a duo, Tyree and Darren, who graduated from Utah and played wide receiver, recognize there's some friendly competition.

"He's definitely going to say him, but same speed, I'm going to say same speed," said Robinson.

"I think I'm a little faster, especially when I get into full shape," said Carrington.

"Stronger? I mean you can definitely see me, I'm the stronger one," teased Robinson.

"He'll probably lift a little more, he's gotta come down and hit guys like Leonard Fournette and all them so," said Carrington.

Coming from San Diego, both men say getting the chance to play in the NFL doesn't feel like reality.

"To see like man, we're almost there, it gives me chills just because we came a long way and who would have thought us two, especially," said Carrington.

"I just love having him around," said Carrington. "Just another brother I can have to just push me and we're just like a big family around here and we just want to push each other around here and hope that everybody makes it out on top."

No matter what NFL team that could be.