Alex Rodriguez’s nephew kidnapped in Lamorghini deal gone wrong

NEW YORK — Alex Rodriguez’s nephew was kidnapped and held for ransom in a New York hotel on Wednesday after an apparent botched deal for a $600,000 Lamborghini, according to police.

The New York Post initially reported that 29-year-old Norberto Susini, a minor-league baseball player who also deals exotic cars, met up with two prospective Lamborghini buyers near Times Square late Wednesday evening.

But when the buyers backed out of the deal and demanded that Susini repay a deposit for the car, A-rod’s nephew refused, prompting the two buyers to hold him captive in the hotel room where they held their meeting.

The pair called Susini’s business partners and demanded $35,000 along with the car, but his associates called the police instead, and NYPD officers arrested the two men on kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment charges.