Newly paved intersection more dangerous than before

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SAN DIEGO -- City workers made quick work of painting "STOP" at an intersection in Pacific Beach Tuesday after concerned neighbors told FOX 5 about the increase in crashes due to the missing indicator.

Less than 24 hours after FOX 5 reported the missing stop indicator, City of San Diego crews painted yellow lines, "STOP AHEAD" and "STOP" at the intersection in question.

City crews painted "STOP" at an intersection in Pacific Beach on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

Original Story

SAN DIEGO  -- An intersection in Pacific Beach was recently repaved. Normally that would be good news for the neighborhood, but there have been a dramatic increase in the number of crashes since the roadwork was done.

It has been two months since crews finished putting new asphalt on the intersection of Lamont Street and Pacific Beach Drive. But they have yet to repaint the stop indicators on the asphalt, and area residents believe that is what is causing all the accidents.

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Jennifer Zamba lives on the corner and has seen a lot of crashes.

"People are blowing through the stop signs, because they're not seeing them," Zamba said, pointing at one of the signs. "It’s kind of placed way back."

According to residents in the area, in the last two weeks alone there have been three crashes. Monday, debris from the latest crash was still scattered all over the intersection.

"I don’t know if anybody got seriously injured, but that’s a concern with all of our neighbors," Zamba said. "The kids walking by might get hurt."

The problem is that the stop sign is placed about 15 feet back from the actual intersection, so its easy to see how a driver could miss it altogether.  Zamba says she has contacted the city as well as asked the police when they have responded to a crash, but so far she has not received any clear answer other than  maybe the road work isn't complete.

"It’s frustrating because it’s dangerous, and I want the kids to be safe walking to school," Zamba said.

FOX 5 contacted city officials. They admitted that the contractor who is doing the work is behind schedule.  They said they had not been aware of an increase in accidents before FOX 5 contacted them, but now that it has been brought to their attention, they will ask the contractor to return to the intersection on Tuesday to paint the stop indicators on the new asphalt.