Surveillance video captures 11-year-old boy’s joyride in grandma’s car

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – An 11-year-old boy who went missing in Oceanside was found safe Friday morning about four hours after he was seen driving his grandmother's car, police said.

Surveillance video taken from a convenience store showed what appeared to Cesar Daukantas, along with friends stopping for gas.  In the video, you see the gas station clerk approach and confront the boys.

"She told us,  she was concerned over what appeared to be some very young boys in possession of this car and that’s when she called the department," said Tom Bussey, Oceanside Police Department Public Information Officer.

From the surveillance video, police took the license plate of the car and traced to the Grandmother's home.  There it was discovered the car and the boy were missing.

"So from there, we flooded social media with Cesar's information," said Bussey.

At 5:30 a.m., the five boys and the missing car were found near Libby Lake Park in the 500 block of Calle Montecito.  No one was hurt and everyone was safe.

"Could have ended in a very bad way, but fortunately it did not," said Bussey.

Police said it's the first time Cesar's taken off in a car, but the boy has run-away many times before.

"I think there are some family issues that go on you know," said Karen Russo.

Russon lives across the street from the Daukantas home. She told Fox 5 Cesar's father is in and out of jail, the boy and his older brother are under the care of the grandmother.

"She's a very nice lady," said Russo.  "They’re just a quiet family."

She said the boys are nice and respectful, but she said it's no surprise Cesar stole his grandmother's car.

"The family has issues.  So that happening, I’m not really surprised about it, a little shocked," said Russo.

Bussey said while there is a violation of joy-riding, Cesar will not face any charges.

"No one was hurt, there's no damage.  It's really just a family issue, plus he's too young to go to juvenile hall," said Bussey.