Use of Coronado bridge photo could pose legal challenge for radio DJ

SAN DIEGO - Jesse Cuevas is a local photographer who recently launched a drone into the sky to get an overhead shot of a San Diego landmark — the Coronado bridge.

Cuevas had no idea the photograph would draw him into a controversy involving a local radio station and the Padres, San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

The photo was put on Cuevas’ website for people to enjoy with his other work. Or purchase, if they are so inclined.

“I license out my photos if anyone is ever interested in using them,” said Cuevas, a Northern California native who came to town a decade ago to attend San Diego State. “If they were interested in me printing it out so they hang on their wall. That’s typically what I do with my photography.”

No one has contacted Cuevas about licensing the Coronado bridge photo. And he is convinced now that no one will.

“It has no marketability,” Cuevas said. “I can’t use it. If anyone was to ever show an interest in that photo, a quick Google image reverse search would find all of this terrible press that’s associated with it now. It’s on the Internet now and there’s no way I can take it down.”

Cuevas’ photo is the one appropriated last week in a social media promotion for the Kevin Klein radio show on 97.3 The Machine, captioned with “JUMP* ... *to a new morning show.”

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