Zahau wrongful death case goes to jury

SAN DIEGO -- Closing arguments in the wrongful death civil lawsuit about the mysterious death of Rebecca Zahau finished Tuesday,  and the case is now in the hands of a jury.

The lawyer for Zahau's family alleged that she did not commit suicide by hanging herself off of a second story balcony at the Speckels Mansion in Coronado in 2011. Keith Greer, the attorney for the plaintiffs, told the jury that Adam Shackai the brother of Zahau's boyfriend, killed Zahau.

“The only two people who knew all the facts from the beginning are Rebecca Zahau, who’s now dead, and Adam Shacknai,” Greer said.

Adam Shacknai  was the only person besides Zahau who was at the mansion the night of the death.

Shacknai's attorney, Daniel Webb,  told jurors there is not a single piece of evidence that links his client to the death.

“You can’t just say it and make it so. You have to use witnesses and evidence,” Webb told jurors in his closing argument.

Jurors have listened to four weeks of testimony from 29 witnesses.  If at least nine of the 12 jurors agree with the plaintiffs' argument that Adam Shacknai killed Rebecca Zahau, he will be held financially responsible for her death.