Man denies stabbing his neighbor 33 times

SAN DIEGO --  A man accused of stabbing his neighbor to death in a quiet North County neighborhood pleaded not guilty to charges he repeatedly stabbed and killed the elderly man.

Last Friday, San Diego police arrested 54-year-old Howard Forrest Lowe after officers found Lowe’s neighbor, 72-year-old Richard Munsinger, gravely wounded in his garage. He had been stabbed 33 times in his neck and upper body. Munsinger died from those injuries.

Neighbors said they saw part of the attack and identified Lowe as the killer. They told investigators that Lowe washed his hands after the attack, put the knife in his pocket and took off on a bike. Police quickly tracked him down and arrested him in the 9500 bock of High Park Lane.

“It was a pretty vicious crime, the victim was stabbed 33 times,” said Deputy District Attorney Jihan Yacoub.  “It appears that this was an unprovoked attack. The defendant used to live across the street from the victim. Neighbors observed the the defendant attacking the victim. and fleeing from the scene shortly thereafter."

Yacoub said the attack was random and extremely violent.

“It was a very vicious crime. Being stabbed 33 times says a lot in of itself, so for that reason we did request bail in the amount of $1 million bail, because the defendant does pose a danger to the community,” said Yacoub.

Lowe is scheduled to appear in court again on April 12. He faces 26 years to life in prison if he is convicted.