Radio host Demaio rallies foes of sanctuary laws ahead of county supervisors meeting

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SAN DIEGO¬† — Conservative radio host Carl DeMaio Monday continued his campaign to urge the county Board of Supervisors to join the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s so-called sanctuary state laws.

DeMaio last week began using his platforms as a KOGO-AM host and leader of the gas-tax repeal campaign to persuade the county board to fight back against the state laws that, among other things, limit cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.

Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Kristin Gaspar announced last week that the board would meet with the county attorney on April 17 to discuss the Trump administration lawsuit targeting those laws, which U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says are unconstitutional and undermine public safety.

DeMaio continued to rally his supporters in a Monday email titled “Combined Effort on Repeal Gas Tax and Sanctuary State.”

“We finally got the county Board of Supervisors to take up opposition to the sanctuary state law and we are asking them to join the legal challenge underway in federal court,” DeMaio wrote. “I’m working with a coalition of groups to get a huge turnout that day at the hearing, but for now we need as many San Diegans to call/write/email the five members of the board ASAP.”

Supervisor Dianne Jacob said on DeMaio’s show that the meeting is scheduled to occur behind closed doors because “it involves initiating legislation,” but promised the board’s position would “become very, very public.”

“This needs to be heard and it needs to be in a federal court,” said Jacob, who supports the lawsuit. “I’m really, really hopeful that at least three of the colleagues on our board, if not more, will support Orange County.”

The Orange County Board of Supervisors became the largest local government in California to side with Trump on immigration, voting unanimously last week to join the federal lawsuit.

Both the San Diego and Orange County boards are entirely Republican.

Jacob is the only supervisor who has made explicit her support for joining the lawsuit.

Conversely, Supervisor Greg Cox said sheriff’s deputies “should not be forced to carry out immigration duties.”

Gaspar has declined to make public her position on the matter.

“We’ve got to focus on twinkle toes, also known as Kristin Gaspar, also known as Casper, afraid of her own … shadow,” DeMaio wrote. “We’ve got to stiffen her spine on this issue. We’ll see what happens. I think that’s why she wants to docket it for closed session, because she probably doesn’t want people to know how she’s going to vote.”

The supervisors at the April 17 meeting will also discuss the lawsuit filed against the Trump administration by California officials over a new census question that asks about citizenship status, Gaspar said.

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