Alleged victim takes stand in retrial of former Navy commander

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SAN DIEGO -- A Navy helicopter instructor who claims she was assaulted by her commanding officer told the jury her side of the story once again on Monday.

It was the second day the alleged victim, known as Kristin B., took the stand in the retrial of former Navy commander John Michael Neuhart II, 41.

Neuhart is facing a new jury and a different judge in a case in which he is accused of the attempted rape of a junior officer at her home following a night of drinking at a San Diego hotel.

The alleged victim spent most of the day answering questions from Neuhart’s attorney regarding the events on the night of Sept. 11, 2016 and early morning hours of the following day.

The alleged victim was asked questions about her conduct that night, what she wore and how many drinks she had. She was also asked about what happened in her home between her and the former commander before a neighbor heard the struggles and called police.

Kristin alleged that Neuhart tried to repeatedly rape her. He says it was consensual.

Neuhart had recorded part of the incident on his cell phone, which was played out in court on Thursday, the first day of the retrial.

The prosecutor says she has at least one new expert witness, who will testify and counter Neuhart’s testimony.

Neuhart is also expected to testify on his own behalf, as he did in the first trial.

He faces life in prison if convicted of the most serious charge, assault with intent to commit rape during a residential burglary. Other charges are assault with intent to commit rape, attempted forcible rape, burglary and resisting police.

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