Del Mar gun show met with protestors

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DEL MAR, Calif., -- Protestors gathered Saturday morning to speak out against a gun show and convention that is taking place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds this weekend.

As people attended the "Crossroads of the West" gun show and others got ready for the "California Gun Law Convention", protesters stood outside in protest. They could be heard yelling "Save our daughters. Save our sons. Choose our children over guns!”

“I have a 10-year-old grandson and I’m doing this for him and all the children that we’re supposed to protect. The children of Parkland have told us we are not doing a good job,” Rose Ann Sharp said.

“We’re trying to raise public awareness that in our community we don’t feel that gun shows are the appropriate use, comparable with our community values. It’s a time to dial back the guns,” Del Mar Mayor Dwight Worden said. “We’re not talking about taking your guns away, but we are talking about controlling assault rifles. Getting the bump stocks and accelerated firing apparatus off the boards."

Inside the gates gun owners argued banning guns is not the answer.

“All it does is keep the law abiding citizens defenseless. It doesn’t do anything to [stop] the behavior of criminals,” AWR Hawkins, a gun owner, said. “The common factor in these shootings is it’s not an AR-15. It’s the fact that these teachers are sitting unarmed in rooms all day. Which is stupid."

Protesters also made it clear that they feel a gun show and convention should not be held on state public property.

“They can protest all that they want, but I have a right to exercise my constitutional rights on public property and on my property all I want and I’m going to do it,” Hawkins said.

The two different sides say they will not stop standing up for what they believe in.

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