The Best Oscar Party in San Diego

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We were lucky enough to have a terrific Super Bowl this year that went down to the wire. Perhaps the most annoying thing about the game was the Roman numerals — LII. Now, the Oscars have it right. This is the 90th Academy Awards not XC, which sounds like a punk band.

Last year, the Oscars also went down to the wire. That’s because the wrong movie was announced as the “Best Picture” winner. With Jimmy Kimmel back as host…who knows what may happen. The latest news I got was that the Academy asked folks to dial down the political speeches. So perhaps we’ll hear the band play people off a lot sooner if they start spouting off about President Trump or climate change. Best that they go back to thanking their lawyers and agents (with the #metoo movement perhaps they’re thanking their lawyers for a completely different reason).

What’s annoying about watching the Super Bowl at a party is that everyone talks. During the game, that doesn’t matter. But we want to hear the commercials.

Last year, when I attended the Oscar Party that benefits the San Diego Film Foundation, we were quiet during the show, and talked during the commercials. And what an interesting group I got to hobnob with. I talked to a few local filmmakers that told great stories. I was talking to a woman whose sister is Glenn Close’s manager. The conversations were so interesting, it was hard to drag myself away to grab some grub.

I noticed this year there will be more delicious food (I’m looking forward to trying the stuff from the chefs at The Marine Room and the Lodge Torrey Pines), as well as the desserts from Sprinkles and The Cravory. Nothing like wearing a tuxedo and jamming an ice cream sandwich into my pie hole (mmm….cakes!).

This year’s party is going to be at a Spanish colonial compound in Rancho Santa Fe. There won’t be a way to walk up to the Oscars and feel more like a star than if you were at the Dolby Theatre.

Anybody that I’ve ever talked movies with — whether at a screening or friend’s dinner party — should join me here. I always have a few pairs of movie tickets to give to folks that I’m talking with. And it’s nice watching the Oscars with a group of people that have seen most of the movies. Nothing more annoying than having your Aunt Thelma yell, “What movie is that? I never heard of that!” or the ever popular, “I didn’t know he died!”

There’s lots of food, drinks, raffle prizes, and of course — an Oscar pool. No, that’s not a swimming pool shaped like the bald gold guy, but cold hard cash for those with the correct predictions (I’ll give you a freebie — Gary Oldman is a lock).

Portions of this go to the “Focus on Impact Film Tour” which is presented to various local high schools.

For more information, go to: or call 619-818-2221.