Residents meet with Target reps about store coming to North Park

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SAN DIEGO – At a community meeting in North Park Thursday night, residents learned more about plans to bring a Target Express store to the neighborhood later this year.

This is what the Target store on University avenue in North Park will look like. The store is scheduled to open in November.

At the meeting sponsored by the North Park Community Association, neighbors had the chance to learn about the project and talk to representatives from Target.

The “small-format” store will be located at 3029 University Avenue, the former site of Wang's North Park restaurant, which shut down almost three years ago.

Bob LaRose and his wife Joan, who both live near the site, attended the meeting.

"We're looking forward to having the convenience of it in our neighborhood," Bob said.

“I think that it will be really great for people who can’t drive, don't drive or don't want to drive to be able to just walk down and get what they need," Joan said.

The store is slated to be about 35,200-square-feet -- about 100,000-square-feet smaller than a traditional-sized Target store. It will be the second "small-format" store in the area, joining the South Park location that opened in 2015.

The retail giant has not faced as much opposition to the North Park location in comparison to the store in South Park and the one proposed in Ocean Beach.

“I think that most people are in favor of this. There were some very reluctant about the South Park situation because they didn’t know what to expect, but in general I think most people are very happy,” Bob said.

“The association formally has no position but compared to other communities, I have seen a relatively positive response,” said Chris Clark with the community association. “Overwhelmingly, people are welcoming to the store, they've been tired of seeing the storefront on University Avenue be vacant so I think that's a big benefit of having any tenant fill that space.”

The North Park store is scheduled to open in November.

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