Vandals slash tires on dozens of vehicles in North County

ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- Dozens of Escondido residents woke up Sunday morning to find that the tires on their vehicles had been slashed.

Victims said the vandalism likely happened late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

About three dozen vehicles were vandalized around in the area around 2nd and 4th avenues.

“We were heading to church, and I noticed my tire was flat. We go to take my husband’s car -- it wouldn’t go. We noticed all our neighbors were looking at tires -- realized someone went around slashing tires," said Mimi Knoblock.

Tires were slashed on more than one street. Victims said they are angry but not surprised.

“The cops said they were already aware of it. It's been going on since December, hitting different streets," Knoblock said.

The victims have to deal with the inconvenience and expense of getting new tires.

“Most of us who live out here don’t have a lot of money. Some cars are sitting out here with flat tires can’t afford to fix it," said victim Nicole Madriz.

Residents say they have no idea who caused the damage and police do not have any suspects.