Hillcrest bar temporarily closes due to health code violations

SAN DIEGO -- A popular dive bar in Hillcrest has temporarily closed due to health code violations.

Health inspectors ordered the establishment to shut its doors after finding bugs and rodent droppings Monday.

According to the report, a roach was found inside a dry storage area and another was found in the bathroom. Inspectors also noted finding "numerous rat/mice droppings" but no evidence of live rodents. The report also states holes were discovered where pests can enter the building.

Jon Stamatopoulous told FOX 5 he took ownership of Nunu's about a month ago and inherited most of the issues when he took over.

“We didn’t cause the problem but we own the problem,” Stamatopoulos said.

Stamatopoulous said even before this recent shutdown, he and his crew have been working hard to get things up to par.

“This needs to be done. I feel horrible that it’s happening here, but I will tell you that this has taken years to accumulate,” Stamatopoulos said. “We’re happy that it’s cleaner than it’s been in years and we really hope that people are going to see that this friendly crew of people is working really hard to get the trust of the public."

Customer Jim Kane said he will be back when the doors open.

“I’ll come back for sure. I would have come back for sure even if they had not closed down,” Kane said. “I think it’s great that it’s changing, and the new owner brings some blood to it."

FOX 5 tried calling a number listed for the previous owner but no one answered.

The new owner hopes to reopen sometime Friday.