Woman speaks out after Pacific Beach robbery

SAN DIEGO --  A woman is afraid to walk around in her own neighborhood after she was robbed by a group of men while going to the grocery store in Pacific Beach.

“It’s just sad I can’t walk one block to my house and not feel afraid because I will always feel afraid now,” said Susan Rutan Sunday.

Rutan is fearful because she says a group of about six men robbed her last Thursday. They stole her purse, keys, ID and credit cards, as she walked to the grocery store at the corner of Mission Boulevard and Thomas Avenue.

“They told me 'hi, we are from Somalia.' I said, 'welcome to PB. Maybe you can be a little more respectful of our neighborhood,' because they were trashing it and everything. Next thing I know, I had my purse and they came up and batted it to the ground, took it and ran,” said Rutan.

Susan says her first reaction was to run after them, but they were too quick and got away. What really surprises her, though, is the lack of help in her own neighborhood.

“First of all, there is a guy--a young guy--carrying a purse, and there is me screaming, saying, 'someone’s carrying my purse.' Not one person stopped. It was almost like, 'oh, yeah, this is normal.' It's not normal.”

Soon after, she learned these men treated themselves to a night out in the town, racking up $250 worth in charges on her credit cards, said Rutan.

“They were at Casa Blanca Lounge. They went to Pizza on 5th. I called the guy, and heard the (group of men) were ordering shots. What I don’t understand is how they can use my ID and my credit card. Obviously I don’t look like them,” said Rutan.

Susan filed a police report with the San Diego Police Department, changed her locks and canceled all her credit cards. But it doesn’t bring her peace of mind knowing these men are still out there and know where she lives.

“I have a Taser in my closet that’s not charged. I’m gonna get it out and charge it up," said Rutan.

Fox 5 reached out to the San Diego Police Department Sunday, but was told we would need to call back Monday for any updates on the investigation.