Man catches teens vandalizing Mission Bay youth baseball field

SAN DIEGO - Mission Bay Youth Baseball League officials are taking steps to rebuild after vandals damaged the facility last Wednesday.

The caretaker of the Mission Bay Ballpark, who asked to remain anonymous, says three high school students were at the park after school Wednesday and he caught them tearing the score booth to pieces.

“I basically chased them out of here,” said the Mission Bay Ballpark’s caretaker. “They saw me coming, they jumped down and started running. So I know who they are and they know who I am too.”

The caretaker says the students have been using the dugout as a place to drink and smoke weed but when league officials changed the locks to the dugout, they smashed the stairs and ripped open the door.

“The locks have not been changed for years,” said Mission Bay Youth Baseball president Mary Melton. “Then locks were changed and all of a sudden people couldn’t get into things they were used to getting into and I think they were angry.”

Melton added that it’s demoralizing, especially to volunteers who take their time to do something good for the league.

“I’d like to know who they are,” said Melton. “I’d like to talk to their parents and say, excuse me? This is how you’re raising your kids?

The Mission Bay team’s first game is in late February and league officials have set up a GoFundMe page for donations to help offset the costs of the repairs and upkeep.

As for the vandals, the caretaker hopes they won’t be coming back.

“I caught them in the act so they’ve been staying away ever since, they haven’t been coming around at all.”