At least 5 Chihuahuas killed in attack by pit bulls

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SAN DIEGO — Four pit bulls apparently got into a neighbor’s yard and killed as many as seven other dogs Saturday, an animal services officials said.

All of the pit bulls were turned over to animal services and euthanized after the incident.

It happened at about 10:45 a.m. in San Diego’s Skyline neighborhood, according to Dan DeSousa of San Diego County Animal Services.

Animal Services and San Diego police responded to a call in the 7700 block of Jamacha Road and found that the four pit bulls had killed at least five Chihuahuas in a neighbor’s yard, with two more Chihuahuas unaccounted for, DeSousa said.

The pit bulls — a two-year-old male named “Patron,” a four-year-old male named “Crunch,” an 11-month-old male named “Travieso” and a six-year-old female named “Toast” — were all turned over to Animal Services for euthanasia by their owner, 37-year-old Juan Jimenez.

While animal control officers could not file criminal charges against Jimenez because they did not witness the incident, the owner of the Chihuahuas asked to press charges, and Jimenez received eight citations for the killings. The charges are considered misdemeanors, DeSousa said.

This is not the first time animal services officers have been called to the residence.

In 2013, animal services received a report that a dog from Jimenez’s address broke off a chain and attacked a sheriff’s deputy. In that incident, Toast and one other dog were impounded from the home and later reclaimed by their owner.

There was also another complaint in 2013 of two pit bulls running loose that animal services officers were unable to verify at the time.

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