Biotech employee shot by co-worker testifies

SAN DIEGO -- A biotech employee shot by a co-worker last year testified in court Friday during a preliminary hearing.

Michael Limbag, 37, said he was at Phamatech Inc. in Carmel Mountain Ranch last June when 54-year-old Julio Narvaez came at him with a gun.

“I’m sitting down at my desk and I saw Julio a couple mirrors away from me and he just shot me with a gun," said Limbag.

Limbag testified his relationship was worsening with Narvaez, who is also the husband of Limbag’s cousin.

Limbag claimed Narvaez badmouthed him to co-workers and said Narvaez insulted his mother last June.

Limbag said he went to call a supervisor then heard a co-worker telling Narvaez, "No - don't do that! No."

Limbag said Narvaez went over to his cubicle and shot him in the cheek -- then tried to shoot again, but the gun jammed.

“I was able to tackle him towards his desk and the gun fell. I put him to the ground with his face facing down," said Limbag.

Limbag said he ran to the front office and hid.

Employees subdued Narvaez with zip-ties.

Prosecutors say Narvaez was motivated by the fact Limbag was willing to help his cousin get a divorce.

“She said Julio Narvaez beat her up and said 'I’m ready to leave him.' She asked if I could help her with paperwork for a divorce. I said ‘yes, I’m willing to help you.’ I got the paperwork ready," said Limbag.

A judge ruled there's enough evidence for Narvaez to stand trial on charges of attempted murder.

Narvaez faces two consecutive life prison terms plus 32 years behind bars if convicted.