San Diegans describe getting missile false alarm during Hawaiian vacation

SAN DIEGO -- Dozens of San Diegans arrived at Lindbergh Field Monday night aboard an Alaska Air flight with quite a story to tell.

Just about everyone who was on the flight from Maui received that now infamous warning about a missile heading for Hawaii Saturday morning.

"The whole beach was kind of evacuated. Some people looked panicked, crying and what not. I thought is there tsunami coming or something, walked back to hotel and found out what was going on," said Jody Fouch.

Others described being in shock when they read the message.

"All of the sudden we get this loud alert, it was louder and longer than an Amber Alert. I turn over and I'm reading this, 'ballistic missile heading to Hawaii seek shelter this is not a drill' and we said 'What?!'" said Marci Morgan.

San Diegans returning home from Hawaii recall the warning about ballistic missile heading for Hawaii.

Once it became obvious it was all a false alarm, people began having fun with it, according to Fouch.

"It was kind of a joke after a while. We survived the big attack on Hawaii. We were joking around if there was a time to go what better place to do it than Hawaii?" she said.