Man sentenced for brutal beating of gas station clerk

SAN DIEGO -- A man charged with the brutal beating of a San Marcos gas station clerk was sentenced to more than 40 years in prison Friday.

In September of 2016, Frederick Cato was caught on surveillance video punching the clerk and kicking his head, according to police.

According to San Diego County District Attorney, the store clerk had apparently complimented Cato's girlfriend, which set him in a jealous rampage.

In court on Friday, the victim's wife was in tears as she gave an emotional statement, expressing how the violent attack on her husband forever changed their lives.

"I think of what happened and how it destroyed our family," the victim's wife said. "My husband was always very friendly, talked to everyone he met. He is a good person with a good heart," she said.

The victim now requires a cane.

"We always thank God that he survived and is still with us be he is not the same person," his wife said.