Snow covers bald eagle sitting on eggs near Big Bear Lake

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BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. – It’s snowing in Big Bear! AND there’s live video of a bald eagle protecting eggs from the snow.

Snow coated a bald eagle nest near Big Bear Lake, but it didn’t deter a pair of expectant parents from keeping their two eggs warm.

The San Bernardino Mountains got snow for the first time this year, including at the site of a bald eagle nest where the eggs were laid last week, KTLA reported.

A 24-hour livestream set up by Friends of the Big Bear Valley and the Institute for Wildlife Studies shows the Grays Peak area.

Video from the livestream showed snow falling on one of the nesting parents midday Tuesday, leaving a coating of white on its feathers and the nest. KTLA reported.

The parents share incubation duties and will switch off during the day, according to a San Bernardino National Forest spokesman.

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