Can property owners ban marijuana use in rental units?

ESCONDIDO, Calif. – More than 100 property owners and managers attended a forum hosted by the county Wednesday to learn about the legal tools they already have to regulate marijuana use in their apartments.

The county has been hosting similar meetings for the past year, and interest among property managers is high now that recreational pot use is legal in California.

While people are now allowed to smoke marijuana in their homes, that isn't true if they are live in a smoke-free apartment or condominium complex. County officials explained that the current smoke-free rules that allow property owners to ban smoking in rental units also apply to marijuana smoking.

Keith Boday manages about 500 units on properties in several part of San Diego County. Like many of the other 120 property managers who attended the forum, he said he wanted to know what his rights are regarding tenants who smoke marijuana or who want to cultivate the drug for personal use.

"All of our leases have a smoke-free addendum which every tenant is required to sign," he said. "That being said, there are people who still abuse it."

More information about regulating marijuana use in rental properties is available on the San Diego County website.