2 dogs seized after vicious attack on elderly man

SAN DIEGO – County animal control officers seized two dogs believed to have viciously attacked a 75-year-old man over the weekend.

The man was attacked at about 5:30 p.m. Sunday in an alley near El Cajon Boulevard and College Ave. Rickey Hearron, a barber at Fly Guyz, heard the attack and ran outside to help the man. The victim was balled up on the ground trying to protect his head and face from the attacking dogs, Hearron said.

Hearron and another man scared the dogs off and then applied first aid to his injured arms. The injured man was taken to Scripps Mercy Hospital.

"I think if we were not there, we would be talking about a whole other story," Hearron told FOX 5. "We would be talking about a fatality or something way worse than what it is now."

Police and county animal control officers interviewed witnesses, who said that the two large, pit bull-type dogs belonged to a local resident and had been kept in a fenced enclosure near the alley for at least two weeks.  Sometime Monday afternoon, officers located the dogs.

'As a result of our investigation, we have impounded two dogs that we believe were involved in the incident on Jan. 7 on El Cajon Boulevard," Director of Animal Services Daniel DeSousa wrote to FOX 5.

Witnesses positively identified the two animals as the dogs involved in Sunday's attack, DeSousa said.