Supermoon closes out the 1st day of 2018

SAN DIEGO — The fireworks may be long gone but the first supermoon of 2018 illuminated the skies across the world.

NASA called it the “biggest and brightest” one for the entire year.

The phenomenon¬†“supermoon” occurs when the moon¬†becomes full on the same day it reaches its perigee, the point in the moon’s elliptical orbit when it is closest to Earth.

Stargazers shared their images of this full moon on social media and gave those fireworks videos posted Sunday night a run for their money.

“The moon looked magnificent,” said David Blanchflower, who snapped a photo of it in the United Kingdom. “Dominating the night sky with its incredible brightness. Awe-inspiring.”

If you miss January’s first full moon — nicknamed a wolf moon — don’t worry, there’s another one this month, on the 31st.