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Trump says he may soon visit Mexico border wall prototypes

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said he may soon pay a visit to the US-Mexico Border to view border wall prototypes.

Speaking at what is expected to be the last cabinet meeting of the year Wednesday, Trump applauded the prototypes of the wall that have been placed along the border, adding that he may want to look at them in their final form.

“We want to be able to see through … we have a lot of help from the Border Patrol and from the ICE agents,” Trump said. “We’re getting their input on the wall, because who knows better than them.”

Eight border wall types are currently on display. Trump noted at the meeting that there were six border wall prototypes.

The President also emphasized that the walls would be built to be see-through, a statement he has made previously.

“We want vision, we want to be able to see through who is on the other side of the wall, and we have some wonderful prototypes that have been put up,” Trump said.

Six companies were previously chosen to build the eight prototypes located in San Diego. Four are made of concrete and four are made of other materials. US Customs and Border Protection unveiled the new 18- to 30-foot tall options in October. Since their construction, the prototypes have been tested to see if they can be scaled, dug under or blown up.


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