Teen assaulted walking to school

MIRA MESA, Calif. -- Some parents and students are furious after a young girl was sexually assaulted while walking to Mira Mesa High School.

Dozens of parents attended a town hall held by Mira Mesa High School Tuesday night to learn more about a sexual predator on the loose in the area.

“I’m infuriated! Like, I’m shaking with so much anger inside because I feel like a lot of this could be prevented. I want him to be caught. I want him to serve time,” parent Stephanie Enclade said.

Over the past two months, a man has groped two different high school girls as they walked to school in the morning. One of them was Enclade’s own 15-year-old daughter.

“A man walked up to her asking a few basic questions about school: if she had a boyfriend, how old are you? And then reached his arm around her as a side hug and groped her breast,” she said.

At this point, SDPD isn't sure if the cases are related to four separate incidents reported last summer of a man groping women around the area. No one has been arrested. The latest victim was assaulted last Thursday and a notice went out to students and parents Monday.

Enclade has changed her work schedule so she can now drive her daughter to school, but she feels it may be too little, too late.

“I know for a fact that [the most recent assault] could have been avoided because her parents probably didn’t know. My daughter’s case happened a month ago. Had they had this meeting a month ago, this parent probably would have driven her kid to school,” she added.

Police are asking students to walk to school with a friend, don’t talk to strangers and stick to major intersections.