SDG&E turns off power to parts of inland San Diego County as winds strengthen

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego Gas and Electric turned off power to hundreds of customers in North County and East County to minimize the risk of wildfires as Santa Ana winds strengthened.

As of 3 a.m. Friday, more than 17,000 customers were affected.

SDG&E said they called customers whose service was turned off for safety, advising them to be sure they have adequate emergency supplies on hand for an extended period.

Power may remain out for several days before it can be safely restored.

Customers without power were advised to be sure to have adequate emergency supplies on hand for an extended period of time and check the utility's unplanned outage map for expected restoration times.

Earlier Wednesday, the utility warned around 170,000 customers that they could lose power due to the high Santa Ana winds.

SDG&E says if you’ve been affected by a power outage do the following:

  • Use only flashlights for emergency lighting. Never use candles during a power outage due to the extreme fire risk.
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed.
  • Keep potentially hazardous foods, such as meat or poultry, chilled to 41°F or less.
  • Do not place hot or unrefrigerated foods in the refrigerator once the power has gone out. It will raise the temperature inside the unit. Chill food with ice baths as needed.
  • Any foods that were prepared prior to the power outage that were not rapidly cooled should be discarded.
  • If the freezer is not full, group packages together so they will retain the cold more effectively. Without power, a full freezer will keep everything frozen for about two days. A half-full freezer will keep food frozen one day.
  • Keep meat and poultry items separated from other foods so if they begin to thaw, their juices will not drip onto other foods.
  • Discard any thawed food that has risen to room temperature and remained there for four hours or more.
  • Do not run a generator inside a home or garage. Do not connect a generator to a home's electrical system. If you use a generator, connect the equipment you want to run directly to the outlets on the generator.
  • Eliminate unnecessary travel, especially by car. Traffic signals will stop working during an outage, creating traffic congestion.