Chula Vista residents push for change after series of cars crashing into homes

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Some Chula Vista residents are fearing for their safety after vehicles have crashed into three houses in the area.

A couple who has lived for 26 years in the same house near East J Street and Nacion Avenue said the most recent incident was the fourth time a vehicle has crashed onto their property.

Aurora Dolopo said on November 5, a truck plowed down her property and directly into their neighbor's front porch.

“It was about 2 o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday and I was talking to my younger son on the phone and I heard this big bang and the whole house just shook,” said Jody Phillips, Dolopo’s next-door neighbor.

On Sunday, a similar accident happened a few blocks away from Dolopo, when a Chevy Silverado slammed into a Cynthia Heldenbrand's car and house on Nacion Avenue. She said it wasn’t the first time for her, either.

“A couple years ago, a car went between my house and the one next door and the car ended up in the backyard. Another time, a car had come just inches from hitting my daughter’s bedroom where she was sleeping,” said Heldenbrand.

The residents say the cars that speed up and down Nacion Ave and fail to stop at J Street are to blame.

“I just want them to put something up there to prevent this. I think also some speed bumps would really help,” said Heldenbrand.

Dolopo has filed a complaint with the city of Chula Vista.

“They called me and said it will take several weeks because of the holidays so we are waiting for a call,” said Dolopo.

The city sent FOX 5 a statement which reads in part:

“We are aware of the recent incidents. We are evaluating issues like signage and speed in the area.”

A city spokesperson told FOX 5 they should have recommendations within the next week.

For now, the residents will have to wait and hope for the best outcome.

“Something needs to be done before we lose lives,” said Phillips.