Surveillance video captures terrifying carjacking after driver leaves engine running

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STOCKTON, Calif. -- Surveillance cameras at a market in Stockton, California captured video of a carjacking that happened Monday afternoon, according to KTXL.

A 76-year-old Stockton resident was loading items into the back of his vehicle with the engine running when a man got into the driver's seat. The victim immediately ran to the driver's side door, but the suspect drove off, causing the victim to tumble to the pavement, almost getting run over by another car.

"It only took a matter of seconds for him to get inside that vehicle and steal it from our victim," said Officer Joseph Silva of the Stockton Police Department.

"We want people to remain vigilant and to always be aware of their surroundings," Silva added. "And we never recommend people just leave their cars running."

The victim, who did not wish to be identified, told KTXL he suffered some scratches and was shaken up, but is otherwise OK. He and his wife had to change all their locks and garage door code. He cautions people against leaving too much personal information in their vehicles.

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