Parents campaign for safer crosswalks near Ocean Beach Elementary

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SAN DIEGO -- Parents of students at Ocean Beach Elementary are raising concerns over heavy traffic and drivers not obeying laws with young students in the area.

“There’s a lot of cars passing through really fast. They don’t stop at red lights -- just concerned one day there’s going to be an accident," said Martha Moreno, the parent of a student.

The school sits along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard at two busy intersections at Santa Monica and Newport Avenues.

“There’s lights here and people do not follow the rules. They still go through them and take turns at corners with children in the crosswalks," said Wayne Simard, one of three volunteer crossing guards.

A group of parent volunteers has launched a traffic safety awareness campaign to recruit more volunteers and urge drivers to be more careful.

“We’re trying to do our part by providing tools to the parent volunteers and the signage to make crosswalks more visible," said Mandy Havlik, a parent.

The group has organized a Go Fund Me account to raise money for safety gear and signs.

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