Stolen items returned to homeowner after break-in

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Chula Vista police Wednesday returned several stolen items to a man whose Otay Ranch home was burglarized earlier this month.

Among the possessions Eric Deas received back was one of great sentimental value: a birthday card his mother sent him before she died.

“This is probably the most cherished thing I have in the whole world right now,” Deas said. “We have thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry and watches and computers, and this little card is the only thing that matters to me.”

Deas said the thieves vandalized the home and even dumped a bottle of tequila into a fish tank, killing 25 fish.

“They picked the wrong house,” Deas said. “They should have never robbed my house. Out of all the houses, you guys picked the wrong house and you’re going to pay for it. And the Chula Vista Police Department is going to make sure you pay for it.”

Two teenagers were arrested in the robbery case in East Chula Vista, authorities confirmed Monday.

A 17-year-old boy and 18-year-old Jordan McLeroy face charges related to a robbery in mid-November, a Chula Vista Police detective said.

The juvenile faces charges of robbery, larceny and resisting arrest. Charges against McLeroy include burglary, larceny and resisting arrest, police said.

The robbery took place at a home on Cascade Place on November 14. Surveillance video captured the thieves getting out of a white BMW before they broke into the home.

Deas said he was happy with the arrests.

"Knowing the fact they did apprehend two people so far is great. So we got two down, two to go. I’m very confident that they will be caught. Hopefully, they will learn a lesson and won't do this to anybody else," said Deas.

Four suspects were allegedly involved in a high-speed pursuit with police a day after the robbery. One suspect allegedly posted a video to Snapchat during the chase.

The suspects abandoned the vehicle and ran away without being caught that day, police said. Stolen property was found inside.

Police said social media postings by at least one of the suspects led police to an arrest.

The search for the other two suspects continues.

Chula Vista Police said the suspects could be responsible for other break-ins and burglaries in Chula Vista and other parts of the county.

McLeroy will be arraigned later this week.