San Ysidro School District faces ‘extraordinary audit’

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SAN DIEGO — The San Ysidro School District is facing an “extraordinary audit” after allegations of misuse of funds and potential fraud.

The audit will look at the payments made to the two previous administrators: former superintendent Julio Fonseca and former interim superintendent Jose Arturo Sanchez-Macias.

Fonseca resigned in September but received a $376,000 separation package from the district for just 26 months of work.

Interim superintendent Mary Willis, who was brought in two weeks ago after the last superintendent suddenly resigned, said Tuesday she welcomes the scrutiny. She said it is exactly what the district needs in order to regain trust.

“If people were deceptive then I wouldn’t hesitate to go after it and I wouldn’t hesitate to go after people,” she said. “So when people talk transparency, multiple people should know what’s going on in all areas. If you can legally hold them accountable then I think they should be. It shouldn’t be about the adults and protecting them, it should be about protecting the kids.”

The auditors will review payroll records as well as vacation payments and expense reimbursements. Officials will also be interviewing district staff members.

“I would hope that if there was wrongdoing, that action is taken to recoup it. It’s about doing what’s right and what do the kids in the district deserve,” said Willis.

Members of the school board said they’ve been receiving death threats over the drama and demanded an audit — a process that will take about two months. If wrongdoing is suspected, the report will be made public to the San Ysidro school board and submitted to the District Attorney’s office.

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