Prowlers continue to target East Chula Vista neighborhoods

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Residents on the east side of Chula Vista continue to report break-ins, burglaries and hot prowls.

While exact numbers are not available, Chula Vista police confirmed Monday they continue to get calls about these type of incidents.

Residents began complaining about it months ago.

Just recently, police and the city of Chula Vista staged a community meeting to respond to concerns about the higher number of crimes such as burglaries. Police told residents the number of similar crimes on the eastern side of the city have not shown a spike over recent years.

Chula Vista Ralph Baez said he and his neighbors look out for one another and report suspicious activity right away.

This is something police officers recommend people do as well as install security systems, lock doors, gates and windows at all times, and to never leave valuables in plain sight inside vehicles.