Gym where 21 children were injured shut down and red tagged by city

SAN DIEGO -- The indoor gym where at least 21 children were injured when a platform collapsed on Saturday will remain closed until officials have completed their investigation, authorities said Monday.

The wooden balcony came down at about 7:40 p.m. Saturday, during a kids' night at Vault PK, a parkour training facility in Barrio Logan.

Investigators red-tagged the business Monday, which will prevent it from reopening. The building's owner, MTS, along with the City of San Diego's fire marshall and city building inspectors were collecting evidence at the scene of the incident and checking to make sure the training facility had all of its permits in order.

City spokesman Paul Brencick Sr. says it’ll take a few days before they are able to complete the investigation.

"What permits were issued to the business and businesses that were on the property site and determine what permits did they need that may have been missing,” Brencick said.