Disneyland shuts down 2 cooling towers after guests contract Legionnaires’ disease

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Disneyland shut down two cooling towers contaminated with bacteria after health officials discovered cases of Legionnaires’ disease among people who had visited the theme park, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Three weeks ago, twelve cases of the illness were found among people ranging in age from 52 to 94 who had spent time in Anaheim, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency. Nine of those people had visited Disneyland in September before they developed the illness. The other three cases were Orange County residents who did not visit the park but lived or traveled in Anaheim.

Ten people were hospitalized. One person “with additional health issues” died and was not among those who visited the theme park, the Times reported.

The towers are in a backstage area near the New Orleans Square Train Station, a Disneyland Resort spokesperson said. Each tower is more than 100 feet from areas accessible to guests.