Local representatives take aim at GOP tax reform plans

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SAN DIEGO -- Local Democrats are taking aim at the GOP's proposed tax reform.

“Let’s continue to be vocal – to ensure this bill fails," said Rep. Susan Davis (D-San Diego).

Davis, joined by supporters in Balboa Park, said while corporate tax cuts may stick around, it’ll be a different story for the middle class.

“The corporate tax breaks are permanent which means there’s no plan for changing that – no matter how effective they might be. On the other hand, the tax breaks for the middle class all go away after five years," said Davis.

There would be changes for homeowners – the house bill allowing a mortgage interest reduction up to $500,000 but ending the break on second-homes.

“It takes it from $1 million down to $500,000 – when our average sales price here now is over $600,000. That’s going to affect a lot of people," said Ann Throckmorton with the San Diego Association of Realtors.

Davis also touched on what she feels could hurt most for Californians.

“I think the worst for California, at this point, are the state and local taxes – the inability for people to deduct," Davis said.

Even some Republicans like local Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista) – who support tax reform -- are not in favor of the current proposal.

"I cannot endorse changes that may make the tremendous burden felt by California taxpayers even worse. Tax reform should lower taxes for all taxpayers – regardless of where they live," said Issa in a statement.