Active-duty troops deliver meals to vets for Veterans Day

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SAN DIEGO – Active-duty service members are volunteering with Meals on Wheels this Veterans Day weekend to deliver food and cheer to veterans in San Diego.

Meals on Wheels serves two nutritious meals a day to thousands of seniors in San Diego County. Among them are many veterans who served our country, including Al Torres, who served in the Army, the Air Force and the Marines. Torres is 94 years old. During World War II, he helped liberate a Nazi concentration camp, fought in the Battle of the Bulge and also served in Vietnam. For his heroism, he was awarded Silver and Bronze Stars.

"Oh, man, I been all over," Torres said. "They had me down for 12 years, and I'm proud to serve my country."

On Friday, several men and women currently serving in the Navy volunteered with Meals on Wheels to deliver meals to home-bound veterans, including Torres. It's something they do every year for Veterans Day.

"It definitely meant something. It was beautiful. It was humbling. It was motivating. It was just encouraging," one of the Navy volunteers said. "I definitely enjoyed the volunteer work, and I know that they enjoy seeing us come out here and do what we do. So I think it's kind of equal for both of us – the giver and the receiver."