Kevin Spacey Replaced in New Film

Kevin Spacey, unrecognizable as J. Paul Getty.

The craziest thing in movie history just happened! Okay, that might be a reach, but it’s the weirdest thing to have happened in a long time. The movie “All the Money in the World” was set to come out in two weeks. There was Oscar buzz about the performance Kevin Spacey gave, as J. Paul Getty. The studio had already said they weren’t going to campaign for Spacey in the Oscar race.

I was all prepared to write a story telling people NOT to boycott this film. Here’s why. I’ll be the first to tell you to boycott a Roman Polanski movie, or a Mel Gibson flick (that means Daddy’s Home 2 in a few days). But the studio did nothing wrong, and why should it hurt them that all this came out about Spacey? Now, if another studio hires Spacey in the future (assuming all these accusations, or at least one of these accusations, prove true), boycott away.

Yet as I sat down tonight to write a story about this movie, starring Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, there was some breaking news. Mark Wahlberg, who recently apologized to God for making Boogie Nights (one of the best movies ever made)…and the rest of the cast, went to director Ridley Scott, and all agreed — cut Spacey out of the movie. Under some circumstances, that could work. For example, if this was Glengarry Glen Ross — he’s one of many salesmen. You could re-shoot his scene, and leave Alec Baldwin, Alan Arkin, Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris…and it’s still a classic that doesn’t miss a beat. But this film, the true story about a grandchild of Getty being kidnapped and his refusing to pay the ransom. It would be impossible to cut out Getty! So, they cast another Oscar winning actor in the part. One that has played rich, evil characters in the past — Christopher Plummer. They’re going to re-shoot key scenes, and they’re now shooting for a release date of December 22nd.

The movie might be helped in the Oscar race by the fact that they’re going to have to reshoot, as well as redo marketing materials. Heck, I’ve seen about 4 trailers for this already at the theatres in the last month.

Another current movie (and one of the better films of the year), Wind River, is probably going to be hurt in the Oscar race because it was a Weinstein Company picture. Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen were good in it, but neither of them did anything so worthy of an Academy Award nomination, but still…sucks to be them.

Ridley Scott is no stranger to re-shooting scenes with a different actor. During the filming of Gladiator, Oliver Reed passed away. They hadn’t finished all the scenes they needed to shoot with him.

Scott was determined to not have this movie sink because of the Spacey scandal. Especially when he dropped everything to direct this project.

You’d think the studio had all the money in the world to do this, but…it probably made a lot more sense than having a movie tank at the box office, and would’ve been a waste of the $50 million to make it.