Coronado residents on edge after car break-ins

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CORONADO, Calif. -- Thieves have been targeting cars in Coronado and police say the drivers are making it easy by making the same mistake: leaving their doors unlocked.

Coronado police told FOX 5 they know of at least three cars on I Avenue and one on J Avenue that were recently targeted. All of the vehicles were reportedly unlocked.

Officers said crooks mostly made off with personal items including bags, glasses and even boots.

After hearing about the thefts, people who live in the area say they will be sure to lock up.

“I think it’s very surprising because Coronado is a very protected community,” George Esteban said.

Kristi Lehmann said she found out about the thefts from a neighbor.

“She sent me a text message saying, 'check your car, apparently people were going down I [Avenue] last night breaking into cars,'” Lehmann said. “So I checked my car and it was fine."

“It’s disappointing. This is a nice community and it’s disappointing that people would do that,” Shelli Webster told FOX 5.

Webster said a week before these crimes, gas was stolen from her car.

“I’d filled my car up with gas the day before and I still had the receipt and when I got into the car the following morning, I noticed that my gas tank was more than half empty. So I thought, that’s strange. I looked at my receipt again, just confirmed I wasn’t having a senior moment,” Webster said.

She said after an auto shop confirmed there were no leaks, she invested in a lock for her gas tank and is in the process of buying motion cameras.

Police said it is not uncommon for these crimes to go unreported and ask anyone who is a victim to contact them.

Officers also encourage people to lock their car doors and keep valuables out of sight.