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Thieves target yards in Imperial Beach

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IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. -- Residents in Imperial Beach say thieves have been targeting their yards.

Joshua Hill said someone took something special from outside his home: part of a broken, customized surfboard turned into outdoor decor.

“At first it was like ‘oh bummer.' You know, it’s something that you made,” Hill said. “Always kind of try to do something nice for your front yard cause it’s the things your neighbors see and so definitely hand painted it, spray painted it. Had crosses and palm trees. Kind of personalized it a little bit."

Stealing the board could not have been too easy. It was bolted to the home and cemented in the ground.

“They committed to it,” Hill said.

Up the road, another resident reported a similar theft.

“Our mailbox was stolen. Actually our wine barrel with mailboxes on it,” Dale Nordengreen said. “It made me disappointed that someone would take it. We’ve had it for awhile and just for somebody to decide they want it instead of us just didn’t seem right.”

He has since replaced the barrel and mailboxes, adding a little something extra.

“I’ve loaded it with cement this time so it probably weighs about 250 pounds now,” Nordengreen said.

Neighbors have been talking about the thefts on social media. In a Facebook post, one woman said her hammock was stolen. Another complained about someone stealing her plants.

“The surprise to me is that somebody’s running around stealing random things out of front yards,” Hill said.

As a result, a number of homeowners have installed security cameras.

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