Tokyo Auto Show preview

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TOKYO -- Tokyo is home to about 33 million people and so space is a premium, which is why cars are much smaller.

Most of the cars at the Tokyo Auto Show are made for Asia, but the design ideas and technology ideas will soon be seen worldwide.

Toyota will introduce two new futuristic models.  The I-ride is designed specifically to make life easier for those who use wheelchairs. Gull-wing doors provide loads of space for easy ingress and egress.

Toyota will also introduce the I-Walk, an individual transportation device that you stand on and lean in the direction where you want to go.

Toyota will also introduce the TJ Cruiser, a possible successor to the FJ Cruiser. It is more cargo van the mini van.  We will also see the GR HV concept that is the likely replacement for the 86 sports cars in the USA.

Honda will have sports EV concept two-seater sports car.

Mazda will have the Product Concept, the most boring name for a concept ever, but this might be the replacement for the Mazda 3.

Nissan will bust out a new electric SUV and a Nissan Leaf Nismo concept.

The official opening of the Tokyo Auto Show is a few days away and we will have to see what gets offered to the public.


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