Normal Heights family warns neighbors of break-in attempt

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SAN DIEGO -- A Normal Heights family said they had quite the scare when at least two men tried to break into their home while they were sleeping.

“When you go home, that’s the place you should feel safe,” Emmanuel Corvera said.

Corvera told FOX 5 he is frustrated after trespassers took away his family’s sense of security.

“They definitely shook up the family,” he said.

He said recently, a peaceful night’s sleep was abruptly disrupted.

“I heard this loud noise and I heard this guy yell, 'run!' and then all of a sudden my fence sounds like it’s almost getting broken down,” Corvera said.

He believes whoever was on the property was scared off by the family’s two barking dogs.

Corvera says when he looked out the window, he saw a man jumping from his fence.

“Breaks a couple of things on our side of the fence, runs away and we go out to investigate,” he said.

The family found no one and went back into the house. But just when they assumed everything was safe, they heard something else.

“Turns out we hear the voices again of the same guys back up on our driveway...these guys made a second attempt to come back into our house and so we decided to call the cops,” Corvera said.

Police officers looked around the neighborhood but did not find any prowlers. Assuming they are still out there, Corvera took to Facebook to warn his neighbors in a post.

“No matter what it is you want to defend yourself with, just protect your family because this is scary stuff,” Corvera said.

Corvera said other people in the neighborhood have had issues with thefts and break-ins recently, which is why community members are coming together to put a stop to the issue.

“A lot of people in the neighborhood, we’re actually talking all the time that we need to start installing cameras and everybody needs to start driving around with a dash cam just to be able to catch some of this stuff on footage,” Corvera said.

San Diego police told FOX 5 that since October 1, there have been at least four home burglaries reported in the Normal Heights area.

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