Downtown San Diego residents warned of Las Vegas-style shooting threat

SAN DIEGO – Police investigated a report of a Las Vegas-style threat in San Diego, according to residents in downtown.

People who live or work downtown told FOX 5 they received information from property managers regarding the threat.  According to people who have seen a flier, a man said he was going to fire a gun from the roof or balconies of as many as four different downtown buildings.  These include a condo and business towers.

The flier also included the man’s picture and name.

Police told FOX 5 that the man did not directly threaten anyone in this case.

They said he told a doctor that he was having homicidal thoughts, and the doctor then informed officers.

Police confirm they investigated and deemed there was no credible threat.

Officers say the man is homeless and does not own a gun.

The San Diego Police Department said it distributed the information to property managers in abundance of caution and to notify people of the man if he makes additional threats when he’s released.