Lakeside restaurant damaged by kitchen fire

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LAKESIDE, Calif. – Paper products left near a heat source sparked a fire at a Lakeside pizzeria Thursday morning, the flames ripping through the kitchen and sending smoke billowing through the restaurant, officials said.

The Lakeside Fire Protection District responded to the blaze just after 5 a.m. at Better Days Pizzeria at 10109 Maine Ave., Chief Donald Butz said. The eatery was closed at the time, but several witnesses at a nearby doughnut shop called to report heavy smoke coming from the roof of the pizzeria.

“Smoke was coming out of the front doors when we arrived,” Butz said.


Four Lakeside engines responded and firefighters quickly knocked down the flames, Butz said. The fire sent smoke billowing through the pizzeria, but the flames were contained to the kitchen.

San Diego County sheriff’s deputies from the Lakeside substation assisted in the incident along with crews from the Santee Fire Department and San Miguel Fire Protection District.

An initial investigation attributed the fire to paper products that sparked overnight and believe it was accidental, the chief said. The restaurant sustained about $25,000 worth of damage.

Posts from the restaurant’s Facebook account alluded to a previous fire at the restaurant, but it was unclear how recently the previous fire broke out.

“We will be shut down for some time, we don’t know how long, but we’ll keep y’all updated!” read a post from the restaurant’s account. “Reconstruction begins now!”