Escondido residents sound off over proposed housing project

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- Escondido residents sounded off about a proposed housing development at a town hall meeting Wednesday night.

Homes will soon be built along the now-defunct Escondido Country Club golf course, but there has been an ongoing debate about just how many.

For years, residents of northeastern Escondido have overwhelmingly opposed the development of 110 acres currently occupied by overgrown fairways and dead trees.

At the meeting, residents debated two proposals, one of which would build 392 homes. Supporters say the development of the fairways will eventually increase property values.

But signs all over the neighborhood tell a different story -- one favoring a much smaller plan. Many who signed a petition Wednesday night want to see that number reduced to 258 homes.

"I feel like it's too much in too small of a space," deputy mayor John Masson said. "I don't think the community likes it, I don't think it fits in. The new plan that ECCHO proposed is, I think, a better plan. It's more conducive to lot sizes, the surrounding community, what's here."

The proposal will go before the planning commission later this month and an official decision will be made at a city council meeting in November.