El Cajon resident fed up with constant vandalism, thefts

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EL CAJON, Calif. – A resident is fed up with the constant vandalism and theft in his El Cajon neighborhood.

Someone came through on Joliet Street earlier this week and used a BB gun to shoot out the back window of Chase Walters' truck. He told FOX 5 that he's not the only victim.

"I got it replaced already, but somebody shot what appears to be a BB gun -- just some hoodlums who came through," Walter said.  "Seems like they do it pretty often. Neighbors over there all had their windows shot out."

Walter said the cost of fixing the truck window was not much compared to the several hundred dollars worth of work equipment that was stolen off his trailer a few week ago. The equipment was locked down, but it didn't deter the thieves from taking it.

"I had my water tank, my  generator, power washer and a toolbox," he said.

From vandalized cars to stolen property residents want something done.

"It`s terrible... really don`t know what to do." Walter said.

A neighbor`s surveillance video caught the crime in progress. Video shows a car drive by in the middle of the night.

It appears a car dropped two people off, they cut the locks and put the stolen items into the car, he said.