UCSD transfer students complain of on-campus housing shortage

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SAN DIEGO -- University of California San Diego administrators say they underestimated the number of transfer students and have run out of on-campus housing for them.

For the time being, students like Bridget Fernandez and Diana Che have been placed in apartments a couple of miles from the heart of the university campus.

The women say they are having to share their small unit with two other transfer students in a complex that had been slated for demolition.

"It's really disappointing when we got here because our rooms are so small, don't think they are meant to be shared. They are meant to be singles. Our desks don't even fit in our rooms," said Fernandez.

The students said they'd like to be closer to the campus so they could take advantage of meal plans they paid for. Right now they cook for themselves or rely on food trucks the school provides.

UC San Diego says it hopes to have the students in on-campus housing by November 1.

Administrators also mentioned various on-going construction projects at the campus that will deliver much-needed housing in the months ahead.