FAA says StubHub Center qualifies for temporary flight restriction at Chargers games

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SAN DIEGO — The Federal Aviation Administration now says StubHub Center qualifies for temporary flight restrictions at Chargers games.

Courtesy of Joseph MacRae

Allen Kenitzer, a spokesperson from the FAA Office of Communications, emailed FOX 5’s Troy Hirsch Friday night writing, “The FAA has verified that the StubHub Center has more than 30,000 seats and qualifies for a temporary flight restriction during games.”

Kenitzer continued that the FAA’s initial understanding was that the StubHub Center held fewer than 30,000 seats, which would not have qualified it for a TFR.

Courtesy of Joseph MacRae

All this comes after two straight Sundays in which anti-Dean Spanos banners flew above the stadium before their first two home games in Carson.

On its website, the StubHub Center lists its capacity at 27,000 and the Chargers announced a sellout with an attendance of 25,386 for the game against the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday.

When Hirsch asked what the Chargers or StubHub Center did to convince the FAA that it held 30,000 fans, Kenitzer replied, “ask them” and wrote that he was not privy to all the information that comes from a high level in Washington, D.C.

FOX 5 reached out to the Chargers and StubHub Center and has not received a response.

The FAA has not yet posted its list of temporary flight restrictions for Sunday on its website.

Joseph MacRae, the scorned Charger fan responsible for the flyover banners, had planned another one for this Sunday when the Chargers face the Philadelphia Eagles. Depending on the TFR, he may have to change his plan.